How to Get Hair Dye Off Skin?

Dying ones hair at the comfort of your home can be a convenient and economical way to achieve a new appearance but it comes with an undesired impact of skin…

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What Is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is also called the Bowen Technique, and it is a total healing approach established by Australian therapist Tom Bowen during the 1950s. This kind of therapy involves light,…

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What’s the best purple shampoo for blonde hair?

Whether your blonde hair is natural or carefully done by a salon stylist, it’s important to keep the color bright and vibrant. If you’ve heard of purple shampoo for blondes,…

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Is Weed Legal in Puerto Rico?

Recreational use of marijuana is illegal in Puerto Rico. Its possession, cultivation, and sale are considered crimes. If found in possession of the relevant paraphernalia, he could also be sentenced…

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How to Get Slime Out of Hair

There are certain reasons why kids show their interest in slimes: The materials have properties like hooey, gooey, and extremely sticky, allowing people of all ages to get entertainment for…

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Ebony Facial: Unraveling Genetic Diversity in Facial Features

These black faces are an attestation of human diversity in the world. The beauty of black faces is emphasized by cheekbone contours that are well proportioned and symmetry that is…

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